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Protection with fashionable face masks

Why a fashion face mask?

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Some of the challenges so far

The first few months of 2020 couldn’t be any worse. The human race has been hit by a virus that is spreading almost as fast as the speed of light. It all started in Wuhan, a city in China, where despite the best efforts of medical experts and the entire Chinese government to keep the virus contained, it still managed to reach other parts of the world.

Sadly, not enough has been done so far to keep people protected against this virus. It looks like even those in power are not being completely honest to the masses. The undiluted truth is, for no reason should this be the case. Human life is precious and must be protected at all cost.

Even the N95 or FFP2 face masks cannot promise full-proof protection. That’s why people using these masks are asked to adhere to certain standards. According to research, if these standards are upheld, the face masks can offer some protection.

Even so, protection with the FFP2 face mask is only 70% efficient, and this is mostly because the corona virus is highly contagious. According to the government, the use of FFP2 and N95 masks is effective, but this take isn’t totally backed up by scientific research.

Medical personnel combating this virus around the world go about their duties wearing protection face masks that protect them from being infected. These masks are kept for only hospitals. Also, all regulated face masks in production are reserved for the state, they are not available to the general public. Regulating these masks is a strategy used by the government to ensure that they don’t have to claim responsibility for a non-certified product in the wake of failure.

Apart from the scarcity of these protection masks, those who have one form of mask or another seem to be embarrassed to wear them. Seeing these challenges, I was compelled to design masks that can protect people while saving them the feeling of embarrassment.


Facts about my mask

These masks or respirators are not the regular protection masks. I designed them to look fashionable in a bid to encourage more people to wear them and get a level of protection. In a time of worldwide shortage of protection masks like this, this is the best cause of action for people to take.

Another important thing to take note of is, the masks are not certified, and this is a good thing. It is good thing because getting them certified will give the government the opportunity to place a limit on distribution. This will in turn make it more difficult for the general public to access ChatMask, a platform that makes the respirators available to everyone.

Now that you have access to fashionable protection masks that can be worn like any other fashion accessory, purchase them and use them to protect yourself. Doing something is a lot better than doing nothing.

Imagine rocking any of your cherished fashion items. That’s exactly what wearing this mask will feel like. This is the perfect opportunity to kill two birds with one stone in the sense that, you get to look fashionable while protecting yourself.

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About the creator

I am an engineer who is passionate about helping the general public stay safe in this time of crisis. With my in depth understanding of the filtration process, I designed these cotton holder masks that have removable Polypropylene filter that are perfectly placed to reduce the chances of exterior agent getting through.

It took me weeks of research and hard work to come up with the best design I could come up with using the available materials in France. My vision is for every person to see a world where everyone is proud of protecting themselves and others by wearing a protection mask.